Giel Slachmuylders

The Bartender & Owner

Cocktail enthusiast. A few years ago, I started to delve in my one true passion: cocktails. I worked in several bars to gain experience, and now I work as a permanent bartender in Resto Clash. Visiting bars worldwide to learn from the best.

I invested two years of my life trying to find a way to exceed the shelf life of fresh cocktails. There were ups and downs, but I'm glad to tell you that I found a way and I am very proud and excited to share my discoveries with you guys.  Hope to see you soon!

"It's not about drinking more, it's about drinking better."

Femke Slachmuylders

The Right Hand

Hi, I'm Femke. The reason I joined this project, is because of the very strong bond I have with my brother. I saw him struggle but kept pushing him, and now the result is finally here.

I am responsible for the social media, the website and webshop, the orders, and all other administrative matters, so that my brother can focus on making his high-quality cocktails for you guys. This is also a unique opportunity for me to gain experience in the business world.