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Clover Club

A beautiful red fruit aperitif

Noble Gin - Homemade Raspberry Syrup - White Vermouth - Lime - Sugar - Vegan Foamer

The Clover Club is a cocktail that dates back before Prohibition in the United States, and is named after a famous men's club "The Clover Club", where it has been invented. The drink has been forgotten for quite some time because of the raw egg they used as a foamer. That is why we have revived it, by means of a modern foam extract that is accessible to everyone. This foam extract is plant based, vegan, recyclabe, nut and peanut-free and non-GMO.

Our recommendation: Sweet, soft, delight, fruity aperitif.

Strength of the Cocktail: 2,5/5

Perfect Couple: Lovebird

Price for one serving (15cl), garnish included

10,00 €