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Liquid Tiramisu

The title of the cocktail says it all. This is what I call a "Liquid Dessert".

Vodka - Amaretto - Butterscotch

Recently, I was experimenting to invent new cocktails, and an interesting idea hit me when I was at a restaurant. The waiter came over with the dessert menu, and I started thinking: why does a dessert always have to be eaten? Why can't we just drink a dessert, instead of ordering the normal dessert, digestif and accompanied coffee? So, enjoy the liquid dessert: tiramisu. 

Our recommendation: Order one of these to let your food digest, instead of ordering a normal tiramisu that tightens your jeans even more.

Strength of the Cocktail: 3/5

Perfect Couple: Lovebird

Price for one serving (15cl)

10,50 €