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Gin Fizz

Noble Gin - Lime Juice - Sugar syrup - Soda - Foaming Extract

Citrus - refreshing

The first printed reference to "fiz" is in the appendix to the 1876 edition of Jerry Thomas' Bartender's Guide. The fizz is actually a cocktail that came forth out of the Sour. Instead of using still water, you add sparkling water to your drink and you create a "fizz" because of the fizzing sound of the glass.

The fizz became widely popular in America between 1900 and the 1940s. Known as a hometown speciality of New Orleans, the gin fizz was so popular that bars would employ teams of bartenders that would take turns shaking the drinks.

Our recommendation: Your very first aperitif of the day. It's 17 'o clock somewhere, right?

Strength of the Cocktail: 2,5/5

Perfect Couple: Lychee Mango Daiquiri

Price for one serving (15cl), garnish included

10,00 €