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Lychee Mango Daiquiri

Lychee Liqueur - Bacardi Blanca - Home Made Mango & Vanilla Syrup - Lime Juice

Fruity - refreshing

This recipe was invented and created by Manhattn. We thought of a combination of exotic fruits that would be great together. We immediately thought of lychee and mango. We added one of our favorite spring and summer drinks, the daiquiri, and voilà, the Lychee Mango Daiquiri was born.

It is a very refreshing cocktail with sweet and fruity notes, perfect for a beautiful day at the beach or at the pool.

Cheers guys! Enjoy!

Our recommendation: When don't you drink it?

Strength of the Cocktail: 2,5/5

Perfect Couple: Clarified Pina Colada

Price for one serving (15cl), garnish included

11,00 €