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Mai Tai

One of the first original tiki drinks in the world

Bacardi Diez - Captain Morgan Spiced - Cointreau - Almond Syrup - Lime

This cocktail was made for the first time in Oakland, California, and not Thailand as a lot of people think. It will not surprise you that the Tahitian word Maitai means "good."

Just do us a favor, don't use recipes online saying you need to add orange juice, pineapple juice and grenadine. If you would like to try a Mai Tai, than truly try an original Mai Tai.

Our recommendation: Don't underestimate this one. You can drink it like lemonade, but it will hit you hard.

Strength of the Cocktail: 4/5

Perfect Couple: Dark & Stormy

Price for one serving (15cl), garnish included

11,50 €