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Singapore Sling

Noble Gin - Cherry Heering - Dom Benedictine - Lime Juice - Angostura bitters - Cointreau Noir - Pineapple Juice - Grenadine - Foaming extract

Herbal - fruity

The Singapore Sling was created by Mr. Ngiam Tong Boon in the Raffles Hotel at the start of the 20th Century. During this time, etiquette dictated that ladies could not consume alcohol in public. The young bartender thus saw an opportunity to create a cocktail that looked like a fruit juice, but actually...

The only thing left to say is, enjoy your fruit juice! ;)

Our recommendation: Special fruit juice for the ladies

Strength of the Cocktail: 2,5/5

Perfect Couple: Clover Club

Price for one serving (15cl), garnish included

10,00 €